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Hey again

Posted by NitrogenousBeing - October 2nd, 2010

I noticed I broke 200 favorite flash movies today. In celebration I will buy a tablet this month! Without having to use a mouse I should put out animations much faster than my normal snails pace so they will actually get finished before I loose interest... Still going to do nubs of doom but the group is slow so I'll have other animations out first after-all. Maybe I can finish the ones I have started which include: A pirate day flash. A robot day flash OSSR, OSS01, a 1/2prince tribute, a memory of a dream flash, 3 music videos to accompany music of talented artists of newgrounds. Yes I have failed to complete a lot of projects but I haven't given up on completing them eventually and going from mouse to tablet should speed things up by at least 100fold. Now if only I could find more free time...

Feeling bored checkout my new grounds favorite movies I doubt many of you have seen them all.

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About your comment on shock 3, the point in the animation was it was supposed to be in 2D that was the point idiot. And they're stickmen, they're supposed to be one colour durr. Also if you had watched the previous shock animations, you would have known that the background was supposed to be black and white. Next time think before you write.

LOL your saying the author of Shock 3 meant to do a boring 2D animation with single color stick figures and a black and white background? GASP! No duh! I don't care for boring crap like that. All my suggestions would of made it a better, more original animation. I feel sorry for him because he feels that he must makes his animations like that. If I was him I'd improve the style as I went along. His animations will never be any better if he keeps doing it that way. If I was to guess hazard a guess as to why he is not doing a Shock 4, it would be so he can do something better...
But I think the amount of fans he gets is worthy of respect. He must be doing something right somewhere if he gets fans like you who go out of their way to defend him.